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Hear what my clients and students are saying

"My sessions in the Records with Janie are always powerful experiences. We move a ton of energy and have great conversations that give me perspective and clarity, relaxing my anxieties. I also love the positive energy, calmness, sense of peace and knowing that comes from my sessions. I am so grateful for everything she has taught me along the way."

- Nanimaha | Columbus, OH


"Having an Akashic Records session with Janie was one of the most exciting, fulfilling moments of my life. It truly brought about clarity, understanding, and gave me the tools I needed to move forward in my purpose on earth. The energy for me felt safe and pure. There's no way I can look back now, this was definitely a life changing experience for me, and look forward to other sessions."

- Shellie | Dayton, OH


"I work with Janie regularly to help me get information that feels so right for me. We have worked together to clear up negative feelings and I have learned how to move forward in my life with a much better sense of understanding."

- NA | Arlington, OH

"Very helpful! I came away from my session so excited to see what is possible."

- Mike | Columbus, OH


"Finally some confirmation that what I think is right for me. Janie and the Records helped me understand how to deal with my family and friends who are on a different path."

- SM | Akron, OH


"I didn't know what to expect but the information that I got was so helpful."

- Paige | Columbus, OH


"My session with Janie in the Records helped me understand why I sometimes feel different from everyone else and disconnected. The Records and Janie helped me understand my purpose, and that what I want out life is right for me!"

- Susan | Houston, TX

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