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I Love the Akashic Records!

I know that my purpose in life is to help others connect to and explore the Akashic Records. 

My hope is to inspire a new way of understanding the Records.

I have been exploring the Records since 2011, and I am passionate about sharing my experience of the Records. They are an amazing source of unconditional love, support and guidance. 

I work with clients and students internationally - including Companion Animals - offering client sessions via Zoom and teaching students to access their Akashic Records via Zoom and in person in Columbus, OH. 

I will travel for an opportunity to hold a class in person!

I am a co-founder and Reiki Master-Teacher of 
TriKona Light Reiki
™. TriKona Light Reiki is a 'new' reiki energy that utilizes an energy alchemy within the practitioner's heart chakra.

My experience with TriKona Light Reiki, along with my Reiki II and Animal Reiki II certifications, enhances my ability to facilitate transformation and energetic shifts with my clients. 

I am a Divine I AM Practitioner through the London College of Spirituality. This training allows me to utilize the Planetary Light Grids to channel and transmit frequencies for healing, transformation, and growth.

I am a certified Infinite Possibilities trainer, the program created by Mike Dooley, author of The New York Times’ best-selling book of the same name and featured speaker in the movie, The Secret. I will be offering Infinite Possibilities training in-person and via Zoom in the coming months.

I have 20+ years of experience in training and coaching at several large corporations, including Career Coaching, Negotiation training, and Best Industry Practices training.

Divine I AM.jpg

Janie is always extremely dynamic and gives me more clarity and healing than I ever expect to receive. She always makes the experience fun with her positive, upbeat energy and she goes really deep into the issue at the same time. I feel truly lucky to have the privilege of working with her!

-Danielle B.

Let's Stay Connected

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