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Learn to Open and Explore Your Akashic Records

Connect to your Akashic Records

Learn to open and explore your Akashic Records in this course offered in person over a two-day weekend or live via Zoom over 4 weeks

Both in-person and Zoom classes include an Akashic Attunement, a training manual, and live follow-up "Acceleration" Zoom meetings to answer any questions about the Records and to practice exploring your Records.   

Worried that you won't be able to open your Records or that you aren't "gifted" enough to use the Records? This training includes an Akashic Attunement to calibrate, align and integrate the training material. I have over a decade of experience exploring the Records and specializes in helping you overcome your fears, doubts, and concerns. These classes are taught in a supportive and non-competitive environment. 

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Examples of questions to ask your Records: 

  • Which direction or choice would be best for me?

  • I am struggling with a family member or another relationship - how can I resolve oclear any issues with this person?

  • I want to understand my Purpose - what can the Records share with me to understand my next steps?

  • I feel stuck or blocked - what can the Records share with me to clear the block?

In addition, the Records can help you If you are an energy worker / healer. Opening your Records before working with a client can give you clearer, richer, deeper insight.

Not an energy worker? The Records can be helpful in any line of work. Opening your Records can increase your intuitive ability and amplify your skills and knowledge. 

For example, you can open your Records for greater clarity:

  • Before a presentation

  • Before you meet with a client

  • While working on a project

  • Before you have a difficult conversation with co-worker or manager.

  • Anytime you want to increase your creativity - painting, writing, etc.

This class will teach you the Akashic Alliance™ Method to Open, which is a heart-centered process to access your Records.     

In addition, you will learn Heart Integration, a process you can use to center yourself and connect with all levels of your being, and then ask for Divine Direct Action to clear or heal.   

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Class Testimonials

"I went into the class worried that my Aphantasia would hold me back. Janie makes the exercises accessible to people with all different talents, natural gifts and experience levels. 
The class felt safe. It was easy to explore and expand my understanding of what I could do.

- Brooke F. | March 2022


"Very much a practical experience! After reading about the theoretical in the first class and warming up we were able to get right into the Records in the next class. We were fairly advanced students and Janie was able to tailor the class to us. Our class was small but we had a close, friendly relationship.  Indeed within our diverse and apparently opposite backgrounds there was a true unity perceptible to us."

- A.J. | April 2022


"Similar to when I finished my Reiki classes, I have an immediate feeling that life will never be the same as before. Knowing and believing that I have this tool to access will benefit every single aspect of my life."

- Jen M. | March 2022

"This is a great class and you will be surprised at how much you learn! Everyone felt Light, Love and Grace."

- Susan S. | March 2022


"If you have a feeling that you want to explore, pay attention. Janie was great in leading a class that helps you explore your many questions."

- A.N.F. | March 2022


"Janie's approach is infectious and her method was very helpful. She is obviously knowledgeable and skilled. Her passion for the content is incredibly motivating."

- M.B. | January 2023

"Janie's eased any fears that I had on whether I would be able to connect to my Records. Her approach is practical, as is all the practice that we got in the class."

- Participant | January 2022


"I was amazed by the ease of access to the Records and loved the opportunity to share experiences with other students The amount of information and training exercises is amazing!"

- Participant | January 2022


"I would say the ability to access this information (the Records) brings a confidence to anything I do while the Records are open.  Practice has allowed the process to go faster and the insights during my decision-making process can be profound. "

- Participant | January 2022

"The benefit of this course is that it is an experience that deepens your consciousness, encourages you to tap into sacred space for healing and empowerment plus open to what is in alignment with your soul :)"

- Participant | January 2022


"I feel more connected and confident when information comes through. The connection has been much stronger and I can feel the energy move differently. I took this class with 6 Reiki Masters so I was a little intimidated walking in, but I was amazed at what I experienced."

- Participant | January 2022


"The "pre" Training Infusion was energizing. It felt as if I was being uplifted as I walked through my day."

- Participant | January 2022


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