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Joy of the Suburban Walker

Joy is magnificent. 

Joy is finding the magnificence around you. A morning walk in the cool air – just you and your dog exploring the world.

The clouds in the sky.

The flowers in the yards and along the path.

The ponds and their wildlife – ducks, geese, heron and the occasional ground hog.

The feathers.

The feeling that all is right with the world. Your heart is full and your step is light. 

The shade, keeping the sun out of your eyes. The breeze stirring ever so gently to cool you as you move through the dew-kissed morning.

Lost in the world of your thoughts – yet still aware of the world around you. 

Gratitude for the time for your self – gratitude for the offerings of Mother Gaia – not to be taken for granted.

Solitude amid the splendor and abundance that is life on Earth. There is no need to travel to exotic places to find the magnificence. Use all of your senses to drink in what Gaia has to offer.

Be open – honor – and allow Gaia to embrace you in her magnificence and carry you to your own experience of joy – right where you are.

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