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Prayer of Connection

Great Central Sun and Grandmother Moon, I ask that you share your wisdom and love, that I may honor my power and potential, and joyously embrace them. 

Bring me the faith to know the steps I take and the thoughts I have are leading me on my True Path – my Path to serve, my path to shine, my path to my utmost Destiny of being true to my Soul’s purpose.

Please clear my head and heart of doubts, worries and fear. Fill me with my Destiny’s Purpose, values, energy and desire – desire to fulfil and live my dreams and my possibilities.

I AM open.

I AM ready.

I AM always moving forward, even when I cannot tell I am moving.

My path is joyous, heart-filled, light-filled, and eternally bathed in gratitude.

I now give gratitude to Gaia Mother Earth from whom all bounty flows. She anchors me and supports me as I move through this plane.

I honor the East for the Beginnings I receive.

I honor the South for the Blessings and Abundance I receive.

I honor the West for the Beauty I receive.

I honor the North for the Breath that I receive.

I now connect to the Sacred Infinity – that begins in my heart – flows above to All That Is – back through my heart – and to the Heart of Mother Gaia as she sends her love back to me.

I honor and release the past so that I may fully move into the expansion of the future.

I am connected – as above, so below.

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