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What Are the Akashic Records?


"Connecting with the Akashic Records is like having tea with an old friend who knows you better than you know you.            - Rev. Sandra L. Gelinas

The Akashic Records are an energy field that contains all knowledge of the past, present, and future possibilities. We can think of them as a "database" that we can access to help us better understand ourselves and our current situation. The Records were created to help us feel connected to Source and to provide us with amazing information and healing.


When we connect to the Records, we are able to hear what our soul wants to share with us. We can gain a greater understanding of our path, gain insight into our purpose, and change our perception of our abilities, our relationships, and our creativity.

We can also:


  • Create ways to move through current situations

  • Create more loving relationships with family and friends through understanding and forgiveness

  • Identify and reprogram our belief systems and other patterns that no longer serve us

  • Clear fears, doubts, or beliefs that are holding us back

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