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The Akashic Alliance™


After Nancy Ring and Sandra Gelinas worked with their Records on their own personal growth, they both became aware that the Records were inviting them to teach others how to open their own Records. They assumed that meant they should complete the teacher training program of their original Akashic training organization.


They soon discovered that was not their path. Instead, the Records asked them to bring forth a new method to enter the Akashic Records and a new process to teach this method to others. At that point, another trained consultant, Chanda Nancy Berlatsky, contacted them with confirming information from her Records. All three of them then received independent confirmation from their personal Records that they were to work together to bring forth this new process.


In 2006 they began regular weekly teleconference calls to work together. Once they established the name of the process as Akashic Records Integration Process, they began to open the Records of this body of information and were given a new method to teach people how to open their personal Akashic Records.

The Vision of the Akashic Alliance™

The Akashic Records Integration Process is a method of connecting to the Universal Energy via the Akashic Records, which is within the reach of all people - regardless of religious, spiritual or scientific beliefs. This process provides a new, dynamic, personal, and practical interface with the Akashic Records.


The process connects the individual directly to the Akashic Records and Universal Energy, easily and simply, so that this connection may be done daily without the need for any intermediary. It is designed to become a comfortable and convenient way of living connected to the the Akashic Field.


The purpose of the Akashic Records Integration Process is to share a method of consciously accessing the Akashic Records. This method empowers the individual in demonstrable ways to bring forth her/his own truth with greater confidence.


With this process, people can connect with the energy and wisdom of the Universal Energy. This provides our past, present and future selves the opportunity to become completely conscious, healed and illuminated. The highest purpose of the Akashic Records Integration Process is to teach people how to attain their own knowledge, clarity and enlightenment.   

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