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A Fresh Wind of Change

The first step toward change is recognizing that you are not satisfied with where you are in your life. Your Soul starts quietly, whispering to you through your heart - that "this doesn't feel like I want to feel." Or "This just isn't who I am, this isn't what I want to do." Or even, "There has to be more."

Do you recognize any of these feelings in yourself?

We commonly do not make change when everything is going well. We are motivated by dissatisfaction, or pain, or what we call "hitting rock bottom" - or again, knowing there has to be more to this life. Change may happen "to" you when things are going well, but rarely do you choose to change when all is right.

Change is about listening to the whisper, the ideas, the calling. And your most common response is either, "That is too much to ask for," or "That could never happen."

The Akashic Records want you to know that you will never be given a dream or an idea that cannot happen. Any idea or dream or desire that you have is attainable and is being shared with you by your Soul.

Having a dream or idea does not guarantee that it will happen - it is there to spark you into figuring out how to bring it to fruition. And the Records caution - they do not mean that you have to figure out how - they mean that you need to show up - move towards your goal or dream, and then act "as if" to bring it into your life.

How many of you have thought, "I want something to change in my life," and yet you are not willing to make any changes. There is a law of physics that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. You can only wear one pair of shoes at a time. If you are not willing to let go of that which is no longer serving you, whether it be physical items, ideas or ways of doing something / approaching something, how can change occur?

Finally, why do you wait for "someone" to give you permission or validation that your dream or change is possible? Why does it matter what anyone else thinks? Your Soul is here for experiences - joy, love, time, contrast. You have been trained by society that failure is bad. Failure just means it didn't work this time. Or perhaps the timing isn't right - or some other part of the pattern isn't ready. 

Your Soul has a limited time on Earth - that is the nature of this game called life. How are you going to spend your years? Will you spend it wishing something could be different, or by being open to change? Can you welcome change, letting go of what is no longer serving you and ALLOWING a fresh wind to blow through your life - bringing opportunity and adventure?

Take the opportunity today to open yourself to the fresh wind of change - releasing that which is no longer serving you and making space for a new adventure! 

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