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Please do not miss the magic! We came to Earth to experience the difference of life here on Earth. Are you missing the magic?

Magic is synchronicities, symbols, and nature. Magic is the wisdom held by the trees, the star-filled sky, the animal who keeps showing up in your life as your guide.

Magic is our emotions, which let us know how we are feeling. Magic is our intuition, which shares a higher understanding to help us create our lives in the best way. Magic is our heart connection, which enables us to connect with and communicate with our Soul and the Divine.

Magic is anything and everything that brings us joy, awe, and gratitude. 

The love we feel when we see our children, or a beloved pet.

The memory of an experience that defies a logical explanation.

The knowing that anything and everything is possible if we open ourselves to the possibilities.

Magic is the sight of a hawk soaring in the sky. Magic is the rainbow. Magic is the way the dew shimmers on a leaf after the rain. Magic is getting to experience a place that you've always dreamed about, like a piazza in Rome or in the Tor in Glastonbury.

How would you define magic on Earth? Can you think of five things that make you know there is magic on Earth?

Choose to see the magic. Choose to experience the magic. Choose to expect the magic!

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Are you ready to learn how life on Earth can be?


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