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Riding the Waves - Look Beyond

Change is coming.

Change is inevitable.

Change is here.

Change is the constant.

Change is the Beauty.

Change is why we are all here.

While the veil is thin and while the Portal is in place – open. Open to the Shadow-side. Open to the Ancestors. Open to the Potential. Open to the idea and the delight of BEING you.

What is longing to be released? What is longing to be activated?

Are you truly living life on Earth? Of Earth? Are you marveling in the wonder that can only be experienced here on this plane we call Gaia?

Are you listening? Listening to your Soul? To your Heart? To Gaia’s song of wisdom and remembering? 

The Blue Jewel of the Universe is calling – begging for connection with you. Begging for the connection of humanity within itself.

Ride the wave of change into your joy here.

Ride the wave of change into your Experience here.

Look beyond the waves to your Truth - and set your course for your Destiny.

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Are you ready to learn how life on Earth can be?


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