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The Flow of Life

One of the great mysteries of life on Earth is the flow. Even when you feel anchored, or not moving, life is flowing “around” you like a river flows. A river continues to move, regardless of any rocks or obstacles in its path.

Yet even if you imagine yourself as an immovable object, like a rock in a river, the river is changing you with its constant movement. It may be shifting the ground underneath you or slowly smoothing your edges. Even rock is no match for the power of the river – the power of the flow.

So what is your approach to the flow of life – the movement that is occurring whether you are paying attention or not? Do you feel like your life is a constant battle – like swimming or fighting your way upstream against the current? Why have you decided to live your life as a struggle?

One of the reasons you, as Souls, chose to come to Earth is to learn, or remember, that fighting the flow of life is so human – so logical – such a waste of energy. When you open your heart and connect with your Soul – and listen – you are able to make the shift. You can choose to let go of living your life restricted by the “should's” – and decide to be actively involved in your life’s course - into living the way you choose to live – having the experiences that your Soul wants. You can simply choose to flow with life – open to your choices and your direction.

You can become the captain of your own ship – moving with the natural rhythm of the flow of life and choosing your course on the river.

Every day, your approach to life creates your experience of life. Are you choosing your course, free from the limitations put upon you by others or even your own limiting beliefs? Or is your life filled with satisfaction and the knowledge that your course is set by you? Have you set the intention that your day-to-day experience is sprinkled with joy, magic, wonder?

Do you live in satisfaction from recognizing choices as they are presented to you, and actively participating in the next step of your life? Can you open yourself to deciding that even a less than perfect choice leads you along your path – in the flow with life?

What is your approach? Are you fighting the flow, or are you ready to move with life – in partnership with your potential and your possibilities?

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Are you ready to learn how life on Earth can be?


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