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What Are You Carrying?

What are you carrying?

What are you letting define you? Your job? Your family? Your friends?

Everything you think and believe is filling you. There is only so much you can carry in your Being – in your mind – in your Heart.

What are you carrying?

Do you love yourself?

Do you like yourself?

Do you love your life?

Are you happy?

What about joy? Do you even know what brings you joy? And how often are you experiencing joy?

When was the last time you laughed out loud – from your belly? With tears?

When was the last time you criticized yourself? Or thought how much you dislike your life?

We, the Akashic Records, know that for most of you, the self-criticism and the dissatisfaction happen much more frequently than the belly laughs – more often than the joy.

Through what lens do you look at your life?

Expecting miracles, happiness and magic?

Or expecting more of the same – day to day?

Our wish for you is that you anticipate each day with excitement – anticipating what amazing things are going to happen – not being able to wait to see what gifts are coming!

Think of five words that define you in this moment – without judgement – just write the first five words that come into your head – don’t be afraid to be honest – don’t worry if any of them are less than positive.

Now, what are the five words you want to define you moving forward?

Are you ready to choose who you are?

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Are you ready to learn how life on Earth can be?


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