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What Are You Waiting For?

“If not now, then when?”
― John E. Lewis

What are you waiting for? We all assume that we have tomorrow, and most of us do, but what about today? What is today worth? What is today for?

Another famous quote by Benjamin Franklin (I think we all heard it as kids) is “Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” I mostly think of chores when I hear this, but maybe there is more to it.

I personally am always going to start something tomorrow – a new way of eating, or an exercise program. I will do that painting I’ve had in my mind tomorrow, when I have more time. I will call that friend I haven’t talked to in a while soon – I promise.

So much is put off until later, or until another time – until we run out.

I don’t mean to be dark – I just want to be realistic. A message I often get through the Akashic Records for clients is, “Time is limited – we are all leaving this plane and existence we have here on Earth. How are you going to choose to enjoy your life?

Much of the information that I receive through the Records is so obvious, yet we need the reminder. There are countless quotes about living for the day. There have been countless articles, songs, and speeches written about living for the day. 

Yet, we still wait.

We know this in our hearts – that the quality of our lives, the magic we could see every day – is up to us. That every day is a gift, never to come again – its magic lost at the stroke of midnight. And many of us continue to put off the playing and the joy and the fun until tomorrow.

We are here to learn, we are here to love, we are here to experience all the emotions we have. And we are here to play and laugh and see the magic and the beauty – today and every day. It is all around us always – we just have to be open and aware. 

Laugh today, tell someone you love them today, find something that brings you wonder today. 

Is today the day you will take the time? Is today the beginning of looking at life differently? 

If not now, when?

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Are you ready to learn how life on Earth can be?


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