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Calling in Full Moon Energy

We call in the full moon energy of the feminine to share her Light with us as we prepare to share our Light with the world. Beloved Moon shines down on us, hinting of wisdom and secrets and charms that we can only hope to experience.

She sees all, even as she seems to leave us and reappear. She only shows us her full glory every 29 days – and on those days she beckons us to dance in her light and bask in her power. 

She is much more mysterious that Mother Gaia. 

Gaia is steadfast, grounding and supporting us on her plane. 

Beloved Moon beckons us to question, to seek, to desire to enter the flow of her energy and the grace of her presence. 

We feel the freedom she lends the earth – an anonymity of dancing in the dark.

The shadows we cast by Great Sun are of our image here on Earth – honoring our connection to Gaia – our physical presence and our Earth shadow both rising from our feet as we move through life here. 

Our shadows cast by Moonlight beg us to marvel at our Light within and our Soul presence – a shadow cast out of darkness. 

Our Moon Shadows are rarely seen – just as our Light is often concealed to the world by our physical presence – yet our physical presence allows us to create our Moon shadows and allows us to be Light Beings – in the dark and the sunshine.

Imagine your Moon shadow and bring it into your Light – rare, magical, magnificent, a display of how Light is present in the dark.

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