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A New Way of Feeling About the Akashic Records

Welcome to the janiemac blog! I hope to share information with you - through my blog, website, and social media - that could help you to reconsider the way you feel about the Akashic Records. For too long, there has been a perception that the Records are only available to sages and gurus. I hope to challenge that idea by sharing with you the wisdom, support, and love that is being channeled to me from the Records.

1. The Akashic Records were created for us when we, as Souls, separated from the Divine so that we could experience the "difference" of life away from the Divine - on different planets, planes and dimensions.

2. The Records were created for us - all of us - to provide a way for us to continue to feel connected to the Divine - no matter what we are experiencing.

3. The Records were also created for us - all of us - to be a source of wisdom, support, and love as we experience a life "away from the Light."

4. The Records hope to help us - all of us - understand and embrace the knowledge that we are worthy of creating an inspired, joyful life here - right now!

Does this description of the Akashic Records help you to understand that they are available to us - all of us - any time? They are our Divine birthright and were created to support is - not to be held hostage by someone who wants to control our access to them.

Again, welcome to janiemac, and a new way to feel about the Akashic Records. 

Follow me on Instagram @janiemacakashic and continue to check out my website at to learn more and see updates and insights. Any questions or comments, email me at

Are you ready to learn how life on Earth can be?


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